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Art for the Whimsically Minded Soul

Art for the Whimsically Minded Soul

Story and artwork from Laura White

My biological mother gave me up for adoption as an infant. While growing up, I had a strong interest in art, and as I grew older, I wondered who my real parents were…I longed to find out who I was and if genetics played any role in the artistic flare I seemed to have. Well, through the technology of DNA registries, I found my real mom and an entire family line of artists starting with my Grandfather who majored in art at Brigham Young University! My newfound biological family were stunned at the art I had created despite being self-taught through YouTube videos. That beautiful moment, when I saw all my family’s artwork was the pivotal moment in my life when I longed to take my own work to a higher level: a marketable level. There are challenges, however, to being self-taught–I often don’t know how to create the effects others seem to do naturally; in that way, being self-taught and all the trial and error is very frustrating. I have built my own facebook page, website and online shop with Big Cartel in an attempt to emerge as an artist who actually makes income. The piece I submitted is the product of the online “Physical Anatomy for Artists.”

That site always points to the Drawing Academy as the first course to take, but I could not afford it. It is my hope to through formal training to get the more realistic flair I would like to obtain in my art. If you vote for me, the Drawing Academy could help me realize that dream!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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