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Art by Neo Morris Mlangeni

Art by Neo Morris Mlangeni

My name is Neo Morris Mlangeni. Ever since I was young, I loved art immensely. From drawing cartoons to cars, I have enjoyed it’s effects in my life. Art has always been the only thing I can do greater than my friends, and when I’m down art is a friend who I am allowed to open up my mind and express myself.

Although it’s my wish to improve on it and make a living from it, because at the moment my clients are the people I know. Sometimes I am intimidated by the photos that clients are sending for me to draw. Currently I’m drawing from photos and mirrors, but takes much longer than I would ultimately would like to take. It’s my wish to improve my time in making a high quality work with ease and improve my ability to incorporate a much richer values and anatomical expertise into my Art.

What I have been doing is from a self taught position and it’s my greatest wish to study with a great institution of Art like the Drawing Academy.

The way Drawing Academy does drawing, it’s non compared especially when it comes to landscapes incorporating the skills of old masters. The course has produced great artists and it is hopeful that I’ll turn out good too like my greatest role model Leonardo Da Vinci. Although I know that all things works for the good to those who put their trust in the Lord of hosts. I am full of hope that this course which is at the moment too expensive for me, will be awarded to me. I feel that people may vote for me because who would want to miss out on what I could do when my art would get a little touch of professionalism. Not only that, but the fact that even jobs are being so scarce nowadays, my survival depends on this passion for art.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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