Art by Hamna

Art by Hamna

My name is Hamna Gadar. I’ve completed my school life and also intermediate. Apart from my academic studies at school, I have always enjoyed participating in sketching and painting activities. Although I am not a full time artist, a typical day for me would always involve having my pencils in my hands.

I think art is the most creative profession in the world! During my student years I’ve changed my view of art. I also learnt to see the world from an unusual point of view in order to be creative and authentic.

At first the true meaning of perfection for me, when I can draw what I see, I’m good. But not until I wake up one day, watched some of Drawing Academy’s free videos and reality smashed me, I’m not good I’m just a human copying-machine, nothing more. Sine then I wanted to have a more artistic touch to my portraits, but can’t do as I lack proper art education.

However, if I were a Drawing Academy member, it would definitely make its mark, since it would allow me to have a more complete perspective and skillset to tackle on the challenges I face, because I strongly believe in my potential.

I believe my passion for arts and the fact that I have been practicing it from childhood will make me a suitable candidate to win.

If I were so lucky, and got accepted as a member, my story would literally have a new interesting chapter which would bring me joy and alongside very valuable experience.

Having my work seen and appreciated by you all, would mean a lot to me and will definitely increase my confidence. Therefore, I need your help to start my journey and I would really like for you to be a part of it. I appreciate your attention!

Thank you so much, if ever I won, I will be willing to share some of what I learned to the young artists and inspire them.

Thank you!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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