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Art as a way of life

Art as a way of life

Story and drawing from Geert De Vuyst

Hi, my name is Geert De Vuyst.

I am a male in his early fifties and live in Belgium between Antwerp and Ghent. There’s even an art gallery nearby with the same surname: ‘De Vuyst’ (de-vuyst.com/en)

This has some advantages, especially the fact that I have access to a lot of museums where some of the finest flemish old masters art is being kept. One of my preferred places in Antwerp is the Rubens house where Peter Paul Rubens used to live. (rubenshuis.be/en)

Ever since I was a child, whenever I was bored, I wanted to draw. I guess it’s in my blood. It started with drawing from comics and later on evolved to drawing (especially portraits) with my favorite tool: the pencil. So, I enlisted for art school one would think.

But as with many people, my life evolved in a somewhat different direction until that mid life crisis that turns your life upside down and makes you stop in your tracks (in my case literally (read burn-out)), to think about what it is you want to do with the rest of your life. And so, I picked up my pencil again since it was practically the only thing that kept me going. The result of that, so far, can be seen on my instagram (instagram.com/studiodevuyst/).

Now, I feel it is time to chase that art dream that was put on hold due to circumstances.

Although I’m a bit of an autodidact, there is still much to learn. In a preliminary exchange with Vladimir London, it became apparent that becoming good in copying, doesn’t mean you master the art of drawing, and I fully agree. Being able to draw from life or one’s imagination seems to be that much more masterful.

As my preference and admiration goes to the skillfulness of especially the old masters, I was glad to find the Drawing Academy online courses on the internet. I like the fact that it is based on proven art knowledge gathered over the centuries and with reference to the techniques of these old masters.

Now, why do I want to win the Drawing Academy course? Because it is the best online course I could find. Because one gets real value and professionalism. Because one gets invaluable and attuned support from skilled tutors. Because it’s what I was looking for and would perfectly fit my needs. Because I want to start at the beginning in order to acquire the right basis to grow.

Why should you vote for me? Because art is in my blood.

Thank you so much!

Kind regards,

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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