Art as a Form of Meditation

Art as a Form of Meditation

Story from Stefka

I am Bulgarian and have lived in Ireland in the past 15 years. This is my home now and Ireland has inspired me a lot and made me grow both professionally and spiritually.

Here, I found my passion about art. About a year ago, one night, I just took a piece of paper and a pencil and felt the urge to draw. That night I spent about five hours drawing all what was around me – furniture, potted flowers, my feet, legs, hands, some portraits from the internet. It seemed that I couldn’t stop. The next morning I called a friend of mine and asked: “Will you teach me how to draw?” For my surprise, she said “YES!” with great enthusiasm and the same evening arrived with a bunch of A3 size paper and some pencils and charcoal and this is where my journey began.

My teacher indeed was the one to recommend the Drawing Academy tuition to me. The more I look at the various courses, the more I see the benefits of the teaching materials provided. All, what I have only touched base on is there. Proportions, perspective, different materials to use, anatomy, etc.

After a year, drawing almost every day, I reached the level where I need to get a structured class and learn about every aspect of art. To me art is a form of meditation and it is the only mean, by which I feel all my senses are engaged and relaxed at the same time.

Winning the course will help me master the drawing techniques and also get more confidence in my drawing.

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