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Andrée Gendron

andree gendron

First, I need to say that French is my native language. So I hope the readers will be able to capture my feelings through this short English text.

I have started drawing about 18 months ago. I quickly discovered a new artistic passion, in addition to music playing on my guitar. As a beginner, I explore different techniques and medias in a way to improve my drawing skills and find my artistic expression at the same time. I have also tried some watercolor and acrylic painting. Since January 2020, I am drawing everyday.

This still life drawing has been done with charcoal stick on a large size white paper. I am not used to draw on big surface. During the drawing construction, I have hardly struggled with accurate dimensions and the relation between different objects (vase, basket, corn, etc). Drawing different forms is a really good exercise (sphere, ellipse, curtains, etc). I also realized that I had to pay more attention to the value scales (about 5 in this drawing) as well as the contrasts between light and shadow.

I am a professional communication manager. I think the art of drawing and painting is a very interesting way to communicate our feelings and our personal expression to different audiences. Like music and dance, drawing is a universal language. I also discovered a nice way to express my sensivity through the drawing.

I strongly believe that to be able grow with our drawing art, We all need to learn and practice fundamentals drawing techniques. This learning process is also essential to become a good painter. Of course, It asks a lot of patience and practice. I am sure that

The Drawing Academy Course would be a fantastic opportunity to improve my drawing skills and become a better artist. The instructors team teaches good techniques and artistic skills I need.

No matter where We are in the world, We can learn online, from home. Hope, I will get votes and have the chance to be part of the Academy’s students. I deserve It!


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