A dream that isn’t

A dream that isn't

Story and artwork from Angelique Nagovskaya

Art confronts and informs. Rather than avoiding controversy and conflict, it challenges established beliefs and often shapes our understanding of others. It also possesses a compelling capacity to make people see – and reflect – in deeper and more compelling ways.

My art works to confront the disconnection I sense from the world around me. Channeling religion, dreams, and vulnerability. I strive to question accepted norms and hope to inspire others to do the same.

The first of the new series of large scale drawings inspired by the queer subconscious. I have had vivid nightmares every night for the past four years. Instead of fighting them, I started to explore them, realizing many truths that I blocked from my conscious, most with the insecurities with my queer identity.

I focus on the way children process their surroundings, queer suppression, comfort and chaos of dreams. I work in a traditional drawing manner, rendering a scene photorealistically, yet distorting slightly to create an uneasy feeling in my audience. I am fascinated in disorder of the internal.

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