7 Most Asked Questions About the Drawing Academy Course Answered

All you wanted to know about the ‘How to Draw’ course video:

Here at the DrawingAcademy.com website, we receive multiple letters from subscribers and visitors alike, asking questions about the Drawing Academy ‘How to Draw’ Video Course.

We appreciate your feedback greatly and are glad many of you find the website and the course informative and helpful in your quest to improve your drawing skills and become proficient fine artists.

Recently, Chris R. wrote out the most often asked questions our subscribers want to know. We decided to post the reply to Chris’ questions here:

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If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to visit our FAQ page //drawingacademy.com/faq. Or send us an email; we will be happy to answer your inquiries.

Here’s a list of the seven most asked questions regarding the Drawing Academy Video Course:

1. Do the lessons cover how to draw from photos or from real life?


In the Drawing Academy course, we provide traditional fine art education – the foundation of classical drawing techniques developed from the time of the Old Masters. As such, drawing from photos is an erroneous approach because it is copying, not creating. We teach how to draw from life, memory and imagination.

An ability to create original artworks is the most artistic skill a fine artist can have; therefore we teach exactly that – how you can improve your drawing skills. You won’t be handicapped by copying photos, however you will be able to express your own thoughts and ideas through the media of drawing.

2. I’ve little to no experience in drawing; is this course suitable for me?


Yes, the Drawing Academy course is well suited for beginners. It covers all basic topics starting from drawing materials, how to use them, how to draw in perspective, constructive linear drawing, golden proportions; and progresses to more advanced subjects like how to draw portraits and figures, etc.

At the same time, intermediate and advance students will find the Drawing Academy course very beneficial in expanding and deepening their knowledge of human anatomy for artists, discovering classical, time-proven drawing techniques, portrait and figure drawing, learning the nearly lost secrets of silverpoint drawing techniques and much more.

3. I struggle drawing proportions correctly, and even though I can see shapes, I struggle to draw them accurately. Will your course show me how to correctly draw both proportion and shape – particularly the latter?


Drawing is just a skill that can be developed by anyone who is willing to do so. It takes time and practice. No one except you can improve your drawing skills. If you have a desire to learn and practice drawing regularly, results will follow. The Drawing Academy course will fill the knowledge gaps in your art education, but action must be taken by you. This will train your eyes to see shapes and proportions and train your hand to draw them realistically.

The Drawing Academy course videos will show you the comprehensive information on golden proportions and how to use them; and how to draw shapes in perspective. You will also discover the rules of classical proportions of a human face and body.

4. What is the average running time for the videos?


It depends on how many parts a specific video lesson has. Each part is about 10 to 12 minutes long, so it is easy to navigate through, understand and follow. We believe every drawing topic can be explained in 30 to 50 minutes. Our video lessons provide valuable educational content. The overall length of all 45 video lessons and bonus videos is more that 24 hours.

5. Do the lessons offer detailed explanations? I’ve watched your 10 minute demo videos and they suggest that some prior knowledge of drawing may be needed. Is this the case?


The free demonstration video is just for you to see the quality of our lessons. The course is designed in such a way that education progresses from easy to more advanced topics. No previous experience is required to start the course. All videos provide detailed, step-by-step, how to draw info and demonstration.

6. Does the ‘personal coaching’ you offer go beyond the 3 month period?


Three months is a very short period to become a proficient fine artist, so we offer a lifetime of personal support. You can send us your questions and photos of your artwork at any time during and after completing the three-month course. We will be happy to help if you need any guidance or have any art related questions.

7. Finally, can the techniques demonstrated in the lessons be used to draw random everyday objects? For example, a car, a chair, a stuffed toy, etc.


This is the essence, the main objective of the Drawing Academy course – to give you a fine art education that will equip you with solid skills of traditional drawing techniques. Instead of concentrating on a particular object for drawing, we will teach you how to draw, which is the skill that will serve you for a lifetime. Our aim is to provide the fine art education that will enable you to draw proficiently anything you want, anything you see or imagine.

We hope the questions above will help you make the decision to join the Drawing Academy course. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

To your creative success,

Vladimir London and Natalie Richy
Drawing Academy tutors

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  1. Collayne says:

    I very much appreciate the professional and kind attention that Vladimir and Natalie provide to the Drawing Academy members.

    Just a note: I can’t draw. So it is with great joy I’ve enrolled in Drawing Academy. I’m quite disciplined working daily, but it will take me longer than 3 months as I’m aiming for a professional level finish.

    Thank you for your support and wonderful video lessons!

  2. George M. says:

    I have recommended your drawing lessons to my friends. Soon I will start with the painting lessons.
    You are an excellent teacher!

  3. Christine G. says:

    I absolutely thank Drawing Academy tutors for the Drawing Academy course. This course reaches far and wide to anyone wanting training to enhance their creative expressions in a classical way. Vladimir and Natalie, you are both exceptional artists but more important you are teachers (another talent). And you are both very kind – beyond recognition or financial gain (wonderful achievements) you are preserving artistic benchmarks – there is hope for all students like me to become better artists.

  4. Sam says:

    I find drawing academy course is the best one for me it’s a complete coarse that every beginner must have thanks so much the people who made this.

  5. gonzalesjulieta says:

    I really like this course I find it so usefull I think I couldn’t find anything else better than this course it offers a lot on how you will become a proficient artist thanks so much the people behind it.

  6. drawing-lessons says:

    Though an artist,my contact with the Drawing Academy has positively rekindled my continuous effort to improve more on my drawings/panting techniques.

    I feel your lessons will increase my quest for a better classical touch in my works.

    Great regards!

    Charles Obike

  7. Yvonne says:

    Only positive words for my first month with the Drawing Academy as well as the Life Drawing Academy.
    Very good instructional video s, very detailed feedback from Vladimir.
    It is a joy to enjoy learning things or persons from life.


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