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Portrait drawing by Eima

Portrait drawing by Eima

Convey with Art

Hello there, I am Eima.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was inspired by animated shows to draw a lot. I mostly drew characters from shows I like. Then eventually, I made my own. Each has their own personality and stories. They also have their own worlds.

With those characters in their worlds, I would like to create a story through art. I believe I can convey meaningful messages through colors put on a canvas.

I can often imagine scenes in my mind yet I cannot draw those scenes well. Anatomy, values, hues, perspective, and a lot of others. I simply lack knowledge about these things that I am restricted to convey what I want to convey with art.

I researched and bought books about art. I read and watch as much as I can in order to learn more about art. That was when I came across to a YouTube video of Web Art Academy. It addressed almost all of my troubles in art and stated how they can teach one to learn all of those things. As soon as I watched the video, I immediately drew something.

I was inspired to and I can only dream to have the full course of Drawing Academy so I just watched all their videos and subscribed to them. Even from just those free content, I learned a lot. What more if I am able to have the full course? That is why I want to win the Drawing Academy course. I know I would learn a lot and then I can reach my dream in being a great artist.

Portrait drawing by Eima

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