Artwork by Jayme Purcell

Artwork by Jayme Purcell

Inner Workings

Hi! My name is Jayme and I live in Australia. I would describe myself as a quiet person and express myself through my drawings. Drawing is my passion and I particularly love to draw people and landscapes.

Since I was very young I have always enjoyed drawing – all I ever want for my birthday/Christmas is more drawing equipment. I feel that art is a very positive thing in my life and gives not only the artist but everyone who enjoys looking at art a very happy feeling.

I would love to be able to learn the correct techniques as I feel that this is the only way I can get better and grow as an artist. As I am only 14 I know I have a long way to go but I am really interested in the way the Drawing Academy teaches as compared to normal art courses and school and would love to have the opportunity to win the Drawing Academy Course. I think that I could learn so much from the teachings of the old Masters. I would love to be able to ask questions about drawing techniques and have someone show me. I feel that the Drawing Academy course would expand my creativity, it is wonderful seeing all the beautiful drawings on the site.

I enjoy art class at school and I am constantly in trouble for drawing all the time when I am not in Art Class. I have done some mural paintings of super heroes for a local disabled group with some of my friends. Mostly I draw for myself and my family and friends. I would love to eventually be able to share my art with the world.

Artwork by Jayme Purcell

I would love people to vote for me as it would give me enormous confidence in my abilities as an artist and help me to realise my dreams of learning to draw correctly.

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