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Drawing by Luzardo Lopez

Drawing by Luzardo Lopez

Luzardo’s World

Hi, my name is Luzardo. I’m from Venezuela but currently I’m living in Lima – Peru. Since I was a kid I really like to draw every time I could, but when time has passed on and I didn’t have the knowledge or a path that indicate how to live from art and I wasn’t such a bad student in a regular normal high school (with math, chemistry, physics, literature, English, etc.) I continue with that path in the university and even when repeatedly times during the university I was feeling that something was missing and I didn’t know what was the thing that i need it and that makes me angry, frustrated and down. I took refuge on my drawing.

Probably you’ve read it a million times, but it’s what get me going through the day, the thing that woke me in the morning and make me want to finish my office hours (I work in a telecommunication company in an administrative desk that has nothing to do with art). So, since the day begin I want to finish because when I’m done with the office I run to my flat to draw through the night.

Challenges? To get better every time and never lose motivation on my work, no matter how many people I found on social network that are younger than me or even kids around 12 to 15 years and make so incredible works.

I want to learn many things in drawing, construction, points of view, strokes, vanishing atmospheric effects, the movement fluidity of the strokes and for me the most important thing in art, to be able to understand and execute almost like in real life, THE LIGHT.

It’s a very good way to learn from home, from people that have a great knowledge, have make a mark in the industry of art, both in the personal aspect and with their students. For that case, people that are not able to attend to a regular atelier or university institute of fine art. But is not inferior to the last ones mentioned before. You can learn on your own pace.

People should vote for me because they will contribute to my journey, to my quest of find my way to live only of my artworks. It’s my passion, it’s why I love to do and it’s what I desire to do for the rest of my life.

Drawing by Luzardo Lopez

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