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Artwork by Sandra Golkowski

Artwork by Sandra Golkowski

Joy Revived!

Sandra GolkowskiI have always been a cheerful person loving art and nature. I am a Master Gardener and my yard was filled with beautiful flowers and herbs.

All of us run into a really big trials in our lives at one time or another. Mine was the loss of my son to Brain Cancer. I was not angry at God for a moment, but I lost my joy in life. I begin digging up flowers and plants that had meant so much to me. I was Heavenly minded and couldn’t get my feet back on the ground here on earth. This went on for years, but I kept my feelings to myself and put a smile on my face.

One day I was watching TV with my husband and Bob Ross came on. As I watched him something came alive in me! I said “I want to paint!” I went right out and purchased supplies, I painted every chance I had. My joy was back!! I have had several people approach me wanting me to give lessons. I would love to do this, but would love to have lessons myself first.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Artworks by Sandra Golkowski

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