Yuri: Become a Diva

Yuri: Become a Diva

By Suria Jimenez Magadan

I’m Suria Jimenez, a graphic designer from conviction but artist by passion, I think drawing was always part of my life, I do it since I was a child.

I’m passionate about the details and over time have been perfecting a technique that allowed me to make increasingly drawing more and more detailed. When I “pretend” or do hyperrealism, I am only devote as much time to the drawing I’m doing, which make me very pleased although it has sometimes much harder.

Every day I practice to achieve what I really want, the photorealism and each day that passes is never enough to keep learning from the masters…

Yuri: Become a Diva

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  1. Collayne Mills says:

    Suria Jimenez Magadan. This is wonderful work! May I refer you to the work of Christophe Drochon as an example of a graphic artist who is celebrated as a fine artist in France today. Also photorealism Australian artist Gordon Hanley – a master in silverpoint. I’m sure you are a dedicated artist and will reap the rewards. I look forward to seeing more of your works for years to come. CM

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