You cannot reach genuine masterpiece without basics

You cannot reach genuine masterpiece without basics

Artwork by Anastasia Vasilyeva

You cannot reach genuine masterpiece without basics

In me there was always the desire to draw. I attended art school in childhood, but I was bored to draw still lifes with plastic apples and crushed colored fabrics, especially when nobody really explained what it was for. Under the circumstances my parents had to move to another city, and I did not continue art school. Now I am quite happy about this fact, because I may have avoided the wrong way of learning the basics.

I went to the University to study medicine. The first years were like a small art school for me, because (Attention! Especially impressionable can skip this part of the story!) I had to sketch histological specimens of blood, tissues, internals and skeletons of insects, animals, humans, etc. in the albums. These were sketches from real specimens, and from textbooks. Despite the fact that it was necessary just for my studying, these sketches gave me certain drawing skills.

Before entering the internship I completed airbrushing course, because it was one of my dreams in life. As you know, airbrushing makes it possible to realistically draw textures, and I just love realism. But also I was told that it is not necessary to be excellent artist when airbrushing, because you can use templates to mark proportions and image elements. I have achieved certain skills after this course, but I still feel helpless when I need to add something to my picture that does not exist in the original photo or image to draw from. Also I don’t perfectly feel the proportions, perspective and don’t know how to use them. In my paintings there is no “air and space”, so I often fail in the end to achieve the desired realism.

After going through all these stages I realized what I really need. You cannot reach genuine masterpiece without basics. When I found the online presentation of the Drawing Academy Course, I realized that here I can get a complete structured information and necessary skills, which I don’t have by now. There is a need in me to develop my drawing skills, I am ready to study everything I need to, that is why this course is so necessary for me.

Thanks a lot for such a great opportunity!

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  1. marianna says:

    Outstanding artwork! I really like it, beecause obviously it is made by person with beautiful soul! A big hug, Anastasia!

  2. Vera Zelch says:

    I’m in real shock! So detailed artwork and it is so close to real life! You have a gift! I definately vote for you!

  3. Galina says:

    I would like to become an artist too, and this site really gives a great opportunity! You’ll get just exactly what you want! Vote for you!

  4. o.staroseltseva says:

    I think, your leopard picture took a great amount of time and patience! But it worth it – your artwork is amazing! Good luck!

  5. LuxOris says:

    Обалденно красиво!!! Глаза, мех…у ушек так и хочется прикоснуться…

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