Why I need to take this course

Why I need to take this course

Artwork by Venetia Cox

ballet drawingI’ve been drawing since I can remember, I’ve always been inclined towards creative hobbies especially music and art.

I’m 16 and homeschooling and about to start hairdressing at Tafe next year.

I’ve been doing so much drawing practice, I feel like I’ve improved so much since I started drawing everyday. I think I’m a real fast learner when it comes to these things.

I gave up playing Violin after Level 4, I had some health issues and couldn’t play anymore but when I was sick drawing was what I did when I wasn’t up for anything else. I would absolutely love to make work out of it but for now hairdressing is my back up plan.

I want to learn as much as I can before then so I really, really want this crash course in drawing and learn the basics before I won’t have time!!

Please vote for me so I can start as soon as possible!!

Thanks for reading my story :)

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  1. Linda Adams says:

    Your story is very special and so is your drawing. I certainly hope you win and have a chance to explore your passion further.

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