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Watercolor by Yelena Casale

Watercolor by Yelena Casale

Yelena’s Art Dream

I have loved art and art history since I was a little girl. I painted when I was a kid but then had a big break and got back to drawing and painting about five years ago. I will never take a break again. Art inspires me on so many different levels every day. I love reading artist biographies, learning about art in general, as well as getting into the wonderful world of art instruction.

I currently mostly paint with watercolors, and sometimes with oil. Although I consider myself to be a hobbyists, I’m starting to sell some of my watercolors.

I would love to work on my drawing skills, however. I’m especially interested in learning to draw the human figure and face, as well as architecture.

Besides just loving drawing, I feel it would give me a much better basis for my painting, as well.

Even though I have a day job and a business, art is my life and my every-day inspiration and I turn to it even in my darkest moments. While I can’t really afford a course on Drawing Academy right now, I would love to win the course because it would mean so much to me to keep learning from the best and to finally achieve my dream goal of excellent drawing, especially of human form and architecture.


Watercolor by Yelena Casale

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