The wish is the father of though

Artwork by Isa Amiri Chulandim

When my wife was pregnant I didn’t have any paint and money to make Oil or acrylic painter, but I had some marker in a box. I saturated newspaper on glue and put them on the row canvas. When it had dried I put a marker on it and start to make this painting offhand. After that I found a new approach to make new paintings by marker, pen and embroidery which I have been working.


Isa A.CH.

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  1. AnnH says:

    Truly original. I love the reflection of cellular biology, the incorporation of information through printed materials, and the stained appearance of the markers. I initially thought it looked like cells as seen through a microscope and was delighted to see the form it took once the entire picture opened! I love the concept, the execution, and the composition.

    This one garners my vote!


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