The Hope

The Hope

Artwork by Neculai Angel

The Hope


I am Neculai Angel Mihail and I have the dream to revolutionize the perception of people about art and it’s meaning …

Many people don’t enjoy making and/or seeing art… that’s not good because art is helping people to express feelings and to communicate.

I want to change the perception about art in that way that anyone would love it and enjoy it.

You can help me make that dream come true by voting for me.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course to learn art and improve my drawing skills.

Please vote for me!

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  1. Neculai Angel says:

    In this drawing I tried to show you how most of the human hope manifest unfortunately…most of human put hope in something to happend whithout doing anything for the thing to happened !!! Like the old proverb says: “God give but it doesn’t put in your bag” you need to make effort to take what is giving …

    That thing is ilustrated in my drawing as the bowl from the left side that it will never be finished if i don’t hatch it … God gived me the ability to hatch it but it’s up to me if i hatch it or no (whithout effort there is no god pay /finish!!)

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