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The Girl who could!

Artwork and story from Annette, Drawing Academy student

The Girl who could

I am now 65 and have completed 3 months of the Drawing Academy’s courses and plan to keep going.

Art is so important to me because from childhood I was always told I was to stupid and would never amount to anything so I believed it until Vladimir showed me that if I want something and work at it hard enough I can be or do anything I put your mind to. I so thank you Vladimir for every time you push me to think and not to give up and to not stress. Drawing Academy course is my Home away from Home I love all of you.

I want to learn how to Express my heart and life through drawing, so I can put my all in learning how to draw and how to use in my life and to help others.


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  1. Drawing Academy says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Annette.
    You are making progress; keep practicing.
    I have no doubts you will achieve your goals in art.

    To your creative success,

    Vladimir London
    Drawing Academy tutor

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