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The blessing

The blessing

Artwork by Claudia Olivos

Hello, my name is Claudia Olivos, I am a native of Chile, currently residing in Washington DC.

I have been drawing since before I could walk. My father was a painter and I grew up going to museums with him in Mexico and New York City, art has always been an integral part of me.

My papa died when I was 17 years old and I stopped making art for a year in his honor.

A year later, partly to get away from an abusive home- I married and soon became a mama. I continued to paint and even studied painting, but I was never formally “taught”-not really-most of the college courses were based on “critiques” never on technique, so although I have a degree. I am really and truly: self taught, and I feel my art would benefit greatly from formal lessons as those offered here. *fingers & toes crossed to win*

I spend my days either drawing or painting and I also teach children how to draw and paint. I am told by many that both my art and my instruction are blessings and lives are changed.

I regularly donate my art for good causes via both my time doing free workshops for the needy, and donating actual paintings for causes.

My dream is to be able to support our little family through the sale of my art to enable me to travel and paint about the cosmovision/spirituality about indigenous peoples throughout the Americas.

I would absolutely love and be super grateful to be able to join the academy to learn more so that I can hone my own skills at drawing and painting and also to teach others with the added technical skill and knowledge.

The blessing

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