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Drawing Academy ‘Feedback Competition’ Winners

A couple of weeks ago, we asked for your help to provide feedback on The response was overwhelming. We received many suggestions and critiques. All your feedback is very constructive and helpful. Thank you so very much for your support and participation.

We listened to your suggestions and will gradually improve the Drawing Academy, so that it will become even more helpful and useful to you. There are many things we have already implemented, and many more will be released going forward.

We promised to award the five most helpful contributors with a full Drawing Academy membership. It was a tough decision to choose winners from such a great pool of critiques and suggestions! Every point each of you made is valid and appreciated; we value all of your feedback. Nonetheless, we nominated the winners, whom we feel did the best.

And the winners are:

Timothy Morris

I started art when I was in junior high school and continued to my high school and three semesters of college and then I met my wife. I then quit school and went to work at construction until 1989. My quick history is in 1989 I was in a horrific car accident along with my two youngest boys. The boys came out of the accident in good shape; however, I was not so fortunate because I came out a quadriplegic. I am fortunate enough that I have good use of my right hand and that’s why I’m able to paint and draw.

I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and I have completed three semesters towards my Masters at a school that offers a fine arts degree in drawing and painting. At this point I’m not comfortable with the fact that they really have not helped me with drawing skills. I would expect Drawing Academy to help me improve my drawing ability. I need to improve portrait and full body drawing, as well as working in charcoal, so I’m hoping that your Academy could help me with that.

I will be thrilled to become a students of the Drawing Academy because the University that I’m currently enrolled rush through the classes from week to week with very little feedback.

My wife and six boys had to struggle when I was ill, living off of donations and the food that the church brought, The school and church raised $6000 through different fundraisers in my name and that’s what we solely lived on until Social Security and Medicare started. It’s not been easy, however my boys all received college degrees based solely on football scholarships that all six received, so there’s a lot of good in my life, because, as of this date my wife and I have been married 43 years and she’s been at my side through all of this.

Antonio Jader Marques

I have been working as art director for the government of Sao Paulo Brazil on those paste years, and in my free time I try to improve myself as an artist because I believe that this is my true essence and hope someday I’ll be able to live strictly from my art. At the Drawing Academy, I hope to strengthen my technical repertoire and be able to create better artworks.

Anna Festa

I have always wanted to learn how to draw the way the old masters have. The old masters drew with such accuracy, they really knew anatomy and it shows.

I would love to draw people like the ones you have shown on the site. I do draw, but my style seems to be too rough. I wonder if I could get that

finesse. I think the course is spectacular. There are things that you are offering that I have never done before, like silverpoint, sanguine pencil and so forth.

I am a mother of three beautiful young adults. My education in art consisted of a few drawing and painting classes in high school, and I went to a technical school for commercial art. I worked in the field for a few years and then gave it up to raise a family. When I thought I could go back in my field, I found out that I would have to go back to school because my field was obsolete. It was now called desktop publishing. So I decided to go into the fine art field. I decided to take an oil painting class and was introduced to painting in the fashion of the old masters. I have been taught in the controlled palette method, and just loved what I learned. I couldn’t afford the classes and since have moved into an area that really has no classes that were challenging. I stated teaching but was not confident enough.

When I saw your courses, for the first time in years have I gotten excited. I actually took the paints out and have started painting again.

Robert Smith

I am an up and coming artist with a vision to create works of art that inspire and stir the imagination and uplift the soul. My goal is to create works of art through inspired visions but to do this I first need to understand anatomy, light and shadow, colour and the application of painting.

I am also embarking on studying Diego Velazquez paintings to learn more about painting through copying as I have heard and read this is a good grounding.

I have a lovely studio which I am almost done renovating and I am beginning my first exhibition that will focus on emotion of music.

I like that Drawing Academy infuses art history examples and knowledge I can benefit from. This is a strength of the Drawing Academy whereby there are many examples of art from the masters shown.

Jackie Hogan

I am a Restraunteur in Ireland who took up art 3 years ago when work almost” dried up”. Art has opened up a whole new world for me, people tell me I am gifted and I just wish I had discovered this talent years ago. I try to push myself with each new canvas to do better than the previous one. I have won some prizes, and have sold a few also, but to be totally honest its more about creating something with beauty, and the pride I feel when people admire my work. I would love to paint full time.

I would love to reach my potential before I grow too old. I have watched every video you have sent over the past year. I have looked many times at the free tutorials and hope someday to enroll. I would expect to learn the “Old Masters” techniques that are no longer taught in contemporary art schools.

I attend an art class, but I feel the Drawing Academy course would offer me what I need to learn to help me reach my full potential as an artist.

Please join us in congratulating the ‘Feedback Competition’ winners!

Once again, thank you very much for your contribution.

Best regards,

Vladimir London and Natalie Richy
Drawing Academy tutors

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  1. Litsa Raftopoulou says:

    Thank you for the update Good luck to you and the winners maybe another time to be me never mind.
    I like Web Art Academy and will continue to monitor your e-mails
    Best regards
    Litsa Raftopoulou

  2. Manon says:

    Congratulations to the winners … I would follow one another of their artists in their respective evolution.

    Excused my English.

  3. Anet Louw says:

    Congratulations to the winners! And I do agree, every time I go onto your website I get excited and my art have improved more in the past six months than all my years of art lessons with art teachers together.

    You are blessed!

  4. Cory Diep says:

    Congratulations to all winners! I do agree with what they said. It’s a great online study program. After two years staying with the course My art work had improved a lot although I have been painting for years. The good thing is that I can always go back to the lessons when I forget something. Very beneficial and the price is affordable.Prompt feedback.Again thanks for the course.
    Cory Diep

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