Thank you for this wonderful Drawing Course!

Thank you for this wonderful Drawing Course!

Malvina JamesHello Vladimir and Natalie!

My name is Malvina James, I am originally from Vladivostok, Russia. I moved to Canada many years ago.

I started my art education taking online courses. I also purchased your oil painting course last year.

Watching instruction videos I realized, that I wished to improve my drawing skills! Now, when 3 months passed and most of the assignments done, I feel like a pro:)))

I could not believe how much I have learned! My figurative drawing become better, I learned about rendering and charcoal unique techniques. Also I was introduced to silverpoint – I didn’t have a clue that such a thing exists!

I tried and felt in love with ink medium, and tried my first collage

This course was great motivation for me to get better and made me feel more confident about my artistic ability. Art is my hobby and passion, and I was thinking to teach it in a local Art centre soon.

So, I would like to say thank you Vladimir and Natalie for creating such an amazing course!

I definitely recommend it to other people because it’s essential for all artists of any level to know how to draw!




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