Study Of a Head

Study Of a Head

Artwork by Otari Iobidze


I’m Otari. I live in Philadelphia.

I used to paint from the age of 5.

Most of the time I paint with oil on canvas. I came in USA with my family a year ago! I’m self-taught painter!

I studied painting from YouTube videos and books!

Study Of a Head

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  1. Norionview says:

    This person deserves a scholarship. They are young and obviously passionate about art. Since they are too young to earn the money to pay for the course, I think this would be the perfect candidate for a scholarship.

  2. Anna Festa says:

    You are very talented. You paint better than some adults I have seen. Keep it up, you are an excellent artist, but all artist learn continually.

  3. Bronwen says:

    As much as I want to win this contest myself, I have to say that I think this piece is spectacular. I couldn’t paint like this at fifteen and I sure as hell can’t paint like this now. Not a lot of shares for this piece but I think that it should be given serious consideration for a special award.

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