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Story by Larisa Krasner

Story by Larisa Krasner

Historical Vase


Being raised by two parents who’s young life’s was tormented where both of them straggled to survive in their separate worlds where the world it self was unfair distractive, poisoned and ill, I have learned to quietly watch and listen. I have learned to observe world in its open book, I have learned to analyze my physical surroundings, I have learned to hear people when they are not talking, I have learned to read between the lines and I have learned to see beauty in an ugly world. No matter how incredible any form of art in prose or visual can be, it still would not be able to represent true horror of life. I have learned that in most ugliness and disgusts there always will be an element of a beauty.

I would like to be able to capture this beauty no matter how tiny it might be and present it through my art. Returning back to school I wanted to find my other side (people have many sides, they just do not know that), for me it just took one art class and I was hooked!

Being part of Brooklyn’s College BFA program I had an opportunity to learn and to explore my artistic side. Through my art classes, I was exposed to a number of different medias as well as disciplines, as a result enjoy practicing in: Oil Painting; Figure, Watercolor and Ink Drawings; Silk and Etching Print; Photography, Digital Art; Ceramic and Metal sculpture.

I enjoy sculpting and would love very much to learn better drawing.

If I win a drawing course from Drawing Academy I will be able to express myself better in a different art form.

Story by Larisa Krasner

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