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Story and Drawing by Souty Adel

The gorgeous queen

I would like to express my enormous interest to get access to the course of How to draw. I suppose it would be a splendid opportunity for me to learn drawing from the beginning. Actually, I am strongly convinced that this valuable would help me in developing my scientific research and academic career.

My name is Souty Adel. I am Egyptian. I have studied conservation of monuments in El Fayoum University, Egypt from 2007 to 2011. The course of my studies included restoration and treatment of different inorganic and organic materials. In 2013, I acted as a restoration specialist at Kom Oshim museum, El Fayoum, Egypt, during this period I have begun my preliminary master study in conservation of artifacts. In the second half of 2013 I have started my academic position as a permanent teaching assistant in Fayoum university for teaching restoration and treatment of oil paintings. It was a big challenge for me to be an oil painting conservator as this field is multidisciplinary. In this respect, it is important to study art and chemistry with respect to the conservation science.

I am interested to take the course of how to draw because it is very important for any conservator of oil painting to study drawing from the beginning, anatomy of human figures and shadows of objects to get the third dimension. This could help the conservator to study the painting technique and to complete the loss areas during the treatment process if the painting needs. Also, this step will help me to improve not only my capacity in this field but also my students who will pursue their career in oil painting conservation as we do not teach the conservation of oil paintings but we also teach them the technique but not how to draw freely.

I guess the Drawing Academy is the right place to get all what I need. I would be grateful if my friends vote to me to have the capacity to teach my students and to pursue my career successfully.

Story and Drawing by Souty Adel

Yours sincerely,
Souty Adel

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