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Story and drawing by Jasmine Garmony

Jassy’s Art

I am a 29 year old mother of three with an Associate’s in CSI, Bachelor’s in Law enforcement and investigations, and a Master’s in public Safety and Forensic. I am currently working on a Master’s in Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Art takes a very special place in my life. I can express my thoughts and ideas through my drawings. It’s amazing how drawing can be brought to life. It’s another form of communication through the mind, body and soul.

I want to learn how to draw 3D, human figures, realism, abstract, etc.

Drawing Academy appears to be a wonderful site that allows artist who are at the beginning stages to experts to let other view what they love and give someone a chance to learn from them.

I would like to win the Drawing Academy course to gain a better understanding of Art in general and improve my drawing techniques.

Story and drawing by Jasmine Garmony

I would like people to vote for me to allow me the chance to make improvements to my drawing abilities and in turn I can teach others whom also have a passion for art.


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