Still-life by Gabriel Tapia

Still-life by Gabriel Tapia

Artwork by Gabriel Tapia

I did this still-life drawing according to the instructions in assignment 4. I used some geometrical figures and objects I had at home. Any critique is welcomed. Thanks in advance!

Still-life by Gabriel Tapia

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  1. Hoan Luu says:

    Hi Gabriel

    My name is Hoan Luu and I am your fellow student at Drawing Academy. I am having a wonderful time learning here and I hope you as well.
    I am leaving my critque today with the main goal of teaching myself to see better, and to improve my art work. I hope to humbly share my opinion with you about your art work.

    It is a nice drawing overall, here are some points you might want to consider that might make your art even better.
    – The gamut of pencil strokes. Using pencil strokes in many different directions to render shades will give your drawing much richer look.
    – The outline of objest is a bit too bold. If you use contrast between shade to distinguish the outline, your drawing will be have better eyes flow.
    – Render shades following the contours of object that will give them volume.
    – Draw constructivly, use help lines, drawing wire frame, the object above the cylinder on the left has an illusion of levitating. Constructive drawing will help you with this.

    These are my own mistakes that i made a lot when i practice, hope thay are helpful.

    If I say something you disagree with or have a different opinions, I am more than happy to listen because im trying to learn as well.

    Thank you for your drawing.

    Keep Calm and Draw On.

    Hoan Luu

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