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Sketch by Sara (Doggie)

Sketch by Sara

Da Vinci lady

I am a Michigander who has been drawing since I was a child. I liked video games and dinosaurs so I would draw characters and animals. I still do. But, it was only recently since I’ve took the matter of drawing very seriously. I figured, “I appreciate drawing and animation too much. There must be something behind this appreciation. Should I follow it somehow?” I’m what people call a “late-bloomer”; I’m often lost and wasn’t sure on what to do with myself.

I aspire to join the College of Creative Arts (CCA); that and seeing improvement in my works is what keeps me going. I don’t think I’ve been so serious about my goal before as I buy materials and books on art, including anatomy. I began to study and understood how difficult it was. I kept looking for remedies to my flaws such as proportion and perspective. When I see working solutions, I actually feel ecstatic. “I actually did it!” type of feeling.

From dynamic poses to different mediums, I hope to have many challenges and keep improving as a way of life. That includes learning; Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” I also have the “mental challenge” of remembering the techniques and studying anatomy, perspective, and the concept of “seeing”. I’m hoping that CCA would propel me into a career type of position whether its in education or publishing. As a simple person, I’d like to be open to many commissions. Who knows? Maybe I want to make a short comic.

I think the Drawing Academy, from what I gather from the student works and the sample videos, is pretty amazing. I do agree that we can draw anything. I want to win the course because I’m stingy and I should follow this magnetism – I want to have your expert Fine Arts understanding. If I were to go into education, wouldn’t you want more teachers influenced by your ideas of studying the Old Masters?

Vote for me? For one, some criticism. Second, I want to continually see the progress of my work and defeat my flaws. Third, maybe I’ll learn some extra patience. If I join CCS, the course should definitely help. I need to remain steadfast as an illustrator.

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