Searching for more light to improve drawing

Searching for more light to improve drawing

Drawing by Ronnie Rayner Larter

This is my latest attempt at drawing a local scene (Lowestoft Lighthouse) using an H and HB graphite pencil. I feel the hatching method has given the drawing an element of life.


Ronnie Rayner Larter’s website: suffolkandnorfolkart

Feedback from Vladimir London, Drawing Academy Tutor

Hi Ron,

Thank you very much for your drawing.

I like it very much. Great job!

The foreground bushes and trees are rendered in a very interesting and attractive style. Your pencil strokes follow the direction of the foliage and create a sense of dynamic movement, like branches in the wind.

In regard to aerial perspective, the drawing might benefit from a less rendered and lighter background. Less is more in this case. Let the viewer imagine what is there rather than describing it in detail.

Also, research how great artists create sky. It is not an easy task. Sometimes, suggesting clouds works better than fully rendering them. You may also use a method of partial rendering.

Once again, thank you for your wonderful drawing.

Best regards,

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