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Portrait by Dhruv Rathod

Portrait by Dhruv Rathod


I am a commercial artist. I have learned Applied arts and have a bachelors degree for the same. For me art is like meditation. I practice drawing daily but don’t know that I am going in the right direction. So I always feel like having a good mentor to teach me would be best.

I want to draw everything I see because I like to express whatever I feel by putting it down paper or any other surface.

Drawing Academy feels like perfect for what I want to learn, it has everything that I desire to study. I want to win this course to make my dreams come true.

Portrait by Dhruv Rathod

People should vote for me because I want to express so many thoughts through my art, but I am not able to right now, due to lack of drawing knowledge. So I hope people vote for me and I get to learn more and more.

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