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People of my country

People of my country

Artwork by Erick

Artwork by Erick

Born in Somoto, County of Madriz, Nicaragua Central America.

I am a self taught artist.

My father Cesar Octavio and my grandmother Ana Maria taught me the appreciation and passion for fine art and my son Jose Alejandro and Eliezer David are my daily inspiration.

Some of the techniques I currently use are

• Artistic Drawing (Pencil on Paper)
• Realistic Oil Painting on Canvas (Portraits, Landscapes, Still Lifes)
• Primitive Oil Painting on Canvas.

I’m currently working on the art of classical realism, this technique takes lots of work and time, but the results are incredibly amazing.
Using the 7-layer Flemish techniques of fine arts, which has passed the time test and is currently an unsurpassed sample of perfect art. This technique was used by Leonardo DaVinci, Van Eyck, Durero and Rubens.

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