Paradise in Nature

Paradise in Nature

Artwork by Jasmi Nasakkala

Artwork by Jasmi Nasakkala

I am a thirty-two year old artist from Finland.

I was born in Helsinki and have lived and worked here for almost my entire life.

I have studied dental medicine and chemistry at the University of Helsinki between 2002 and 2007.

I started my career path of freelance artist By drawing pictures as my hobby. I also design clothes and have attended few fashion designing contests held overseas.

I consider my work to be unique, since it bravely expresses my inner thoughts and feelings.

I’m not afraid to show them in my art. I think that doing art is a great tool to express myself for other people.

I like to paint and draw positive images instead of sad ones.

I guess it’s more like me to be optimistic and openly delighted. In the samples that I sent you, I also used many bright colors. These three drawings were made with markers.

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