Painting by Ramesh Rai

Painting by Ramesh Rai

Nepali Musician

I am a self taught artist with keen passion to learn art since my childhood, but never have a formal lesson due to financial issue & lack of art school close to the village back in Nepal and currently busy schedule in British army.

Most of time I used to fall in love with landscape painting with strange imaginations, but nowadays I am keen to learn anatomy & portrait work. When I see art lesson videos I feel like I am born for this skill but I cannot quit my job. I have to earn to survive and my dream falls apart.

Some of my amateur paintings were generously purchased and I spent on charity work to support school in remote village. If I can have formal lessons, I can develop my skills and it will help to raise some more for good cause as well.

Painting by Ramesh Rai

I won’t let down all the voters who will support me. I am sure they are not only voting for me to make my childhood dream come true but also helping and encouraging me to be kind and generous to assist poor students in remote villages. I shall try my best to use every free minute when I am off duty.

Thank you, Drawing Academy teachers and all voters.

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