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Painting by Monika Currie

Painting by Monika Currie

Art accidentally

I was never the artistic one in my house, that was my brother and my mother. My mother’s paintings were like poetry, the colors flowed and moved, every change on the light or position would change the painting, and I loved them. I was not the artistic one.
In 2013, I was working in a hospital taking care of a person suffering from dementia. I was struck, multiple times; and because of this I suffered from a skull fracture, a ruptured ear drum and a concussion. I started to paint, I don’t know where the urge came from….it just came. I painted every moment I could, everything I could. Art became my haven, the place I could go to get away from all the Doctors and physio and tests. In a painting I was calm and safe. I want to learn portraits, the format and style in the drawing academy fascinates me. I would like to win, to learn, to grow with my art, to help me overcome my challenges.

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