Painting by Maria

Painting by Maria

In the name of love

Being only sixteen is a true challenge for most teenage artist, as it is for me sometimes too. I started drawing when I was only seven, I was young of course but the passion for art lived within me since then. I had stopped drawing for a long time until last summer.

Art for me is one of the most important parts of my daily routine and life. Realism though is a style I am taking an interest in recently therefore it appears a little more challenging for now.

In art I would like to learn more about Impressionism and Realism, especially all about Reinassance art and the Old Masters, that’s the reason I was interested in the Drawing Academy in first place.

I like the idea of learning old secrets that were the reasons that such masterpieces were created.

I wish to win the Drawing Academy competition, as it is very important for me. It’s something I wanted since the day I found out about the Drawing academy and I would be very happy if my work would be appreciated as it means a lot to me. I want my work to speak to the people’s heart, to touch them in a way only art can. If it does, then I believe that would be a good reason for them to vote for me.

Painting by Maria

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