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Painting by Jinan Slim

Painting by Jinan Slim

New Reflections On The Old River

By nature, I am a very creative and artistic senior woman who always loved art but never gave it a real chance, before this year. And I hope we all agree that it’s never too late to start anything.

In January, moved by a passion to express myself through colour and form, I chose to embark on a dream project to create a body of artwork in oil paintings, with zero artistic experience. I had a triple advantage: A brilliant 3-month programme on the inner workings of creativity (Creating the Impossible with Michael Neill); time at hand after unfortunately losing my job; and a latent talent I wasn’t even aware I had.

Without having taken any proper art lessons, I naturally needed help, and mainly relied on what I was able to find for free – or almost – on the Internet, starting with the basics from which brushes to use and what colours to mix.

As I made a few dozens of oil paintings by now (and discovered a passion for watercolours – too in the process), I noticed how ecstatic I felt while creating each one of them on canvas. I realized that I should develop my passion, aim at becoming an artist, and hone the skills I need.

One of the biggest obstacles was my poor drawing skills, and without drawing, my paintings would remain an excitingly creative play with colours. I needed to learn properly and sketching is the foundation.

In exploring my options, I checked your course details and was very impressed. I watched a couple of your excellent free tutorials, and came to the conclusion that your programme is just what I seriously needed but the expense prohibited me from joining. I finally stopped opening your emails to spare myself from being further tempted to bite more than I could chew. Accidentally, this morning, I happened to spot something about still having a chance at a contest. I felt so lucky to have spotted it, and so here I am, responding.

By voting for me, people would be helping a deserving and talented elderly win a course which will help her embark on a whole new creative and exciting life in her 70s. What could be more of an inspiring incentive to vote than that?
I don’t have a website/page, but I am on Instagram under my full name jinanslim.

Painting by Jinan Slim

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