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Painting by James Burns

Painting by James Burns

Help make these mediocre paintings come to life with a formal Drawing Academy Course

I am a 66 yo practicing physician recently diagnosed with a not so fun diagnosis. I have always enjoyed doodling and was guided by my architecturally trained mother on those intermittent occasions when we happened to be talking about drawing and architecture but no formal training.

Supposedly diagnosed with red/green color blindness at age 8, I was encouraged to stick to pencil and pen and ink which I pursued as a hobby over the years but this past year became interested in oil painting and began to realize how much more my paintings could improve with a more sound basis in drawing.

As I am looking at perhaps a somewhat less than 7-10 years the importance of art in my life has elevated itself to a point that I plan new paintings with rudimentary pencil sketches and try to paint daily. I should like to be considered for the Drawing Academy course as I am certain it will elevated my mediocre paintings into something about which I can feel proud.

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