Painting and story by Verene Sutton

Painting and story by Verene Sutton

Following my Dream

I started drawing and painting very young with my first original oils from my sister’s leftover paint by number kit and on cardboard saved by my mother. I was always drawing on the back of paper she saved that was clean on one side. Nothing was wasted; it was recycling before it was cool.

I did not go to art school because it was not a practical choice to my family so I went for design instead. I ended up drafting architectural plans because they were needed for permits for contractors, architects and homeowners building their dreams with my drawing tools and never went into computer-aided design but I was able to help support my family with it when my husband was in college and my kids were little.

I always wanted to paint portraits, it seemed like a challenge I wanted to conquer but I wasn’t driven to it until my 11-year-old daughter died of cancer. I just had to paint her.

I took a class and fell in love with oils again. I have painted or drawn most of my family and a few friends who have passed on.

My technique is tight and I want to get looser and confident like the masters such as John Singer Sargent and I bought the Web Art Academy course recently on painting to help me accomplish this but I just can’t afford another course.

Everything I have done in fine art so far has been self-taught. I know the foundation of good art is draftsmanship. I desire to build my drawing skill so my paintings will be more professional and I think the Drawing Academy course would help me advance.

Painting and story by Verene Sutton

My dream is to build enough art to have a show and maybe sell my art online or in a gallery. The drawing course would be a solid step in building that dream and foundation.

If you vote for me, I will use this course to help accomplish my dreams and advance my skills. Three of my children are in college following their dreams and I am ready to pursue mine! Thanks for considering me!

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  1. nkokanovich says:

    Verene, It would be wonderful for you to win this course!! You have amazing creative talent! You have my vote!

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