Nannie’s Playhouse

Nannie’s Playhouse

Artwork by Natalie Head

Artwork by Natalie Head

I’ve always known I wanted to be an artist. I am primarily self-taught, with the exception of invaluable input from my father who is himself an artist, and participation in classes and a workshop at Killaby Art School and Studio in Lindale, Texas, under the wonderful artists Maureen Killaby and Qiang Huang.

I am always seeking affordable opportunities to advance my learning and understanding, and gain new skills.

I have tackled many types and sizes of art projects over the years that have seemed to be beyond my abilities, but have managed to complete them satisfactorily. However, I sometimes feel that due to my lack of skills in certain areas, I am forced to settle with art that faintly resembles my original ideas.

I want to continually seek ways to improve upon the gift that has been given me.

After spending countless hours researching different methods and techniques, I believe the Drawing Academy not only has an impressive curriculum, but the individual attention shows me how much the people are really committed to their students.

After searching for so long for a classical approach to learning art, this is by far the best fitted to my needs.

I’ve been been primarily a self-taught artist until now, but would welcome an opportunity to further my education in a formal way. This would be a fantastic opportunity to improve.

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