My Journey to becoming a fine artists

My Journey to becoming a fine artists

By Scott Rymill-Butcher

My Journey to becoming a fine artists

Hello to everyone,

My name is Scott, I have been dreaming of becoming a fine artist since I can remember sitting at the kitchen table drawing cartoon characters and copying pictures form my nanas calendars.

The years have passed and I’m still not close to my dream. Like everyone work and life has gotten in the way. I have recently had a change in my life, and having to consider options to new career possibilities. But much like everything leading up till now, all I think about everyday is wanting to become the fine artist I see myself to be, drawing, painting and creating everyday wanting to submerge my whole self into art. Hoping to support my family though what I love and wish to achieve.

I have come to realise that some time is needed on the foundation, in becoming a fine artist. And what better place to start, than back to the building blocks of every great fine artist has.

“My journey starts here”.

Thank you for your time, Scott

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    • Scott Rymill-Butcher says:

      Thank you Sophy,

      I look forward to where I will be once finishing the drawing course and seeing myself improve.

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