Artwork by Nhat Huy

Artwork by Nhat Huy

My name is Huy. I’m 23 years old. I am living in Vietnam.

I love art. I have drawn since I was a child. I was impressed by Art Nouveau, classical art… Especially I have a passion in women’s beauty, colorful flowers, vintage accessories… The masters who I always admired are Mucha Alphonse, Charles Dana Gibson, J.C. Leyendecker… Their styles are intense inspiration for me.

Now, I’m senior student at university. My major is graphic designer but I realize I really love fine art ( Illustration artworks, comics, art books,…) I spend my time to drawing everyday, both traditional and digital painting. Beside that I try to self-taught at home. But I feel messy because I don’t know the right way to learn drawing effectively. The drawing education in my country isn’t intended. Teaching anatomy human, perspective, constructive drawing… are still bleary.

Since I have found Drawing Academy, I was interested and watched all of your video lessons on YouTube. I seemly was discovered the necessaries of drawing fundamentals. Knowledge in each video are really helpful for me. I want to be a professional artist. I desire that I can draw anything I see or imagine that what you said.

I wish I could have found your course earlier. So I would have been enlightened about drawing.

Finally, I am very grateful about your free video lessons. They are really essential skills, valuable advices about drawing even though they are just free video lessons. I highly appreciated your course. I want to challenge myself to improve my drawing skills.

Thank you very much.

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