Maasai Damsel and Boy

Maasai Damsel and Boy

Artwork by Newton Ochieng Olonde

Maasai Damsel and Boy

The maasai in Kenya as a people are the most strong willed I have ever known. Despite all the civilization en devours going on around them, they have stack to their way of life n are not embarrassed to show it. They are my fellow nilots since am a luo (tribe) but our life stile are worlds apart. I just love them.

Why I need to win:

The closest I have ever come to real fine art lesson is my secondary school teacher a Mr. Ludenyi Omega some 15 or so years ago. I know there is potential for me to learn more and be the best I can be.

(please forgive my English)

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  1. Kathy Miller says:

    You show great promise. I hope you go further with your art. My favorite one is the tribal woman. I agree with Tina, your work is alive and thats what makes it so good to me. Kathy

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