Life Drawing by Manuel Forest

A while back I took art classes in my home town, but since then life took over and I did drawing on and off without any guidance or direction.

My favorite subject is drawing figures and portraits. Finding a model is not always easy, but when I can, I draw obsessively.

The Drawing Academy course is a great place to learn figure drawing; this is what I want to do. The most important thing for me is to have some professional feedback about my art and get clear advise on what to improve. That is why I want to win this drawing course.

If you like my life drawing, please give me a vote. I would really appreciate your help!


Life Drawing by Manuel Forest

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  1. Andrew says:

    nice artwork. I also draw from life, but my sketches are not anywhere near as good. I’m giving you my vote

    • Manuel Forest says:

      Thanks, Andrew
      I’ am sure you can improve your life drawing skills whatever your level is. I started from zero some time ago : )
      Thank you for the vote!

  2. Igor Grachev says:

    What medium is it, pencil or charcoal? It looks softer than graphite but harder than charcoal. Very beautiful model and artwork btw

  3. Manuel Forest says:

    It is carbon pencil on Hot-Pressed paper – not the best combination though. I had some struggles with this drawing because paper doesn’t have good tooth to grip carbon dust

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