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Ifeanyi Chukwura art

Ifeanyi Chukwura art

Dedicated to the preservation of our beautful fragile earth

I am a self thought artist who is passionate about the beauty of nature and our fragile earth. I major in painting landscapes and abstracts also portraiture, seascape and still life. As a self trained artist, it wasn’t easy at first but determination kept me pushing. I started drawing at a tender age and built skills over time. I would spend more time painting while I was in university instead of studying biochemistry. Encouragement from friends, especially family, kept me on track.

Some of my works are displayed in the hall of the secondary school I attended. Also some in the church I used to attend while in University. Other works are displayed and collected by private collectors including a former chairman of a leading bank in Nigeria (United Bank for Africa), Chief Israel C. Ogbue.

I would love to improve my drawing skill in portraiture without using pictures or photographs which is basic and fundamental to me.

Drawing Academy is very organized and friendly with very inspiring and fascinating courses is my choice. I want to win the Drawing Academy because it would enable me boost myself in drawing and become more creative. I would also love to use the medium to broaden my knowledge about the old masters ways and techniques which are still useful in modern art.

Ifeanyi Chukwura art

People should vote for me because i am passionate about art and I believe art should be used as a means to promote the beauty of humans and nature. It should be used for positive attributes and not negatives.

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  1. Ofure says:

    A passionate painter! Building your of painting yourself is really commendable. I hope you get accepted into the academy.

  2. Kenny Amasike says:

    You exhibit so much passion while painting that it gains my utmost attention. I believe you need to move from it being a hobby to a career.
    Great work.
    All the best.

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