I want to learn drawing

I want to learn drawing

Artwork by David Nascimento Bassous

I always wanted to learn the fundamentals of drawing and academic painting.

I am from Niterói in Rio de Janeiro and working with popular culture and people with disabilities in a very poor community (Morro do Estado) a “favela”.

Although I love my place and people here, we don’t have enough good schools in the field of fine arts. There is only one Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ); however, teachers there no longer teach the fundamentals of drawing, only philosophy and contemporary art.

My way has always been to learn drawing and painting from books and magazines, and now I came to the point when I need a professional education.

Please vote for me, I really want to get the Drawing Academy scholarship.

I want to learn drawing

Thank you very much,

David Bassous.

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  1. Nivea says:

    I vote David Bassous cause he is a dedicated preceptor for many children at Niteroi City, many families had their story changed in a very good way by his efforts with their kids, I’m very confident that once he win that scholarship it will be more one toll to him spreads his knowledge.So let him shine making him one of your student.

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