Hyper-realistic portrait by Dawn Safarik

Hyper-realistic portrait by Dawn Safarik

Always Learning!

I was raised in a very small rural town in Alaska with no real access to art classes or training. Most of what I have learned about drawing and art, I have taught myself.

I love to draw beauty, and most of my work consists of portraits. I have drawn a variety of subjects in the past.

While I do take commissions for others, mostly I draw for myself. I challenge myself with each new piece to do better, and I am always desiring to learn new things!

Drawing is very important to me because I have not only a desire to create, but to show the viewer the beauty in what I see.

I want to bring out more in my finished work than what a person might see themselves. It’s important in these times to find loveliness and goodness, and that is what I try to capture.

My challenges in art have always been finding good instruction! I’m limited by where I live, as there just aren’t many instructors who teach the old techniques. I strive to learn more about drawing techniques and have always wanted to learn more about the masters. I believe I can always improve, and the more I know the better my artwork will be.

From what I can see, the Drawing Academy has a lot of useful information and techniques that I could benefit from. I’m a visual learner, and so the videos would be perfect for me. I’m also anxious to try silverpoint and charcoal and maybe some mixed media. I can see the training I would receive would help me to refine my work and give me the ability to draw more of my vision. It would help me render the figure without relying so much on reference photos.

Hyper-realistic portrait by Dawn Safarik

I’m sure there are a lot of worthy artists out there who deserve to win the course. My hope is that people would vote for me because they want to see artists of all levels improve their work and draw their vision!


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