Professional How to Draw Video Course Finally Available Online

How to Draw Video Course Launch

Drawing Academy Video Course
A high quality drawing video course presented by professional fine artists and teachers has been launched by the Drawing Academy.

The Drawing Academy offers 45 step-by-step ‘how to draw’ video lessons. With their own examples, Academy tutors present the complete process of creating drawings. Art students can now discover the traditional skills of craftsman and learn by watching professional fine artists in action.

London UK. A brand-new Drawing Course offering high-quality fine art education has just been launched online. The Drawing Academy presents a classical drawing approach and reveals traditional drawing techniques for fine art students in multiple how-to-draw video lessons.

The Drawing Academy was created to give fine art students a thorough fine arts education resource in the almost lost secrets of traditional drawing.

Vladimir London and Natalie Richy, founders of the Drawing Academy, have explained why this Academy was needed: “There are many art establishments both online and off-line that offer drawing lessons, but very few provide classical no-nonsense instructions in drawing. We have researched numerous art colleges and universities in America and Europe. To our surprise, there are very few courses where students can learn the Old Masters’ Drawing Techniques by watching a professional fine art teacher creating a drawing from beginning to end. That is why we founded the Drawing Academy and filled the drawing course with comprehensive how to draw video lessons. Now students can study drawing techniques by watching high-definition videos explaining everything a fine artist must know to draw professionally. We cover many topics of fine art education including drawing materials and media, linear and aerial perspective in drawing, golden proportions and composition rules, human anatomy for fine artists, how to draw portraits and models, how to draw landscapes and animals, how to draw in graphite pencil, charcoal, red chalks and back ink. In addition, we also presented an almost forgotten drawing technique – silverpoint. This technique was perfected by the Old Masters of the 15th-16th centuries and is very seldom practiced nowadays. To promote and revive this classical drawing technique, we created several in-depth video lessons showing step-by-step what the silverpoint technique is, how to prepare grounds for metal-point drawings, and how to draw in silverpoint. All drawing lessons show how an artwork in a particular medium and technique is created right before the viewer’s eyes. In addition, we help our students develop their creative individual art styles by providing one-to-one coaching and support. Drawing Academy art students develop their art talents by learning and using a strong foundation of proficient drawing skills.”

Many websites have some sort of drawing lessons. However, Natalie and Vladimir indicate that the Drawing Academy is the only resource online where art students can learn the almost forgotten skills of silverpoint drawing and classical drawing techniques from professional fine artists and teachers by watching videos of the artists at work. They created this online drawing course so that anyone interested in learning how to draw and improving their drawing skills can benefit from the extensive educational materials in the comforts of their homes.

While more and more art students want to learn how to draw and acquire proficient drawing skills, it’s not easy nor cheap to get a high-quality professional fine art education. Even at the top art colleges and universities, art teachers do not teach traditional drawing techniques by demonstrating how to draw an artwork from start to finish in front of the art students.

The Drawing Academy video course is different. It is available for everyone interested in improving his or her drawing skills. This drawing course offers truly outstanding content – 45 high-definition multi-part “How to Draw” video lessons that are as good as sitting next to the fine artist in real life. The drawing course also offers multiple bonus books on fine art topics. In addition, tutors of the Drawing Academy provide personal support to their art students, helping course members to develop their personal creative styles.

A number of Drawing Academy students have already provided feedback on the drawing course, commenting on how easy it is to use and how brilliant the video lessons are. This feedback is available on the Drawing Academy Reviews page.

The Drawing Academy course is delivered over a period of three months. How to Draw video course is available to the Academy members 24/7/365. They can be watched on any Internet connected device including tablets and smart mobiles.

To find out more about one of the Internet’s top drawing courses, please enroll below:

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  • Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence after course completion in 3 months
  • Personal coaching by Drawing Academy Tutors
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