Horse Handshake

Horse Handshake

Artwork by Sophy Laughing

horse handshake by sophly laughing

My grandfather used to say that a “Horse Handshake” was the art of keeping a horse between you and your opponent.

People who work with horses know how disoriented you can feel when you look a horse directly in the eye. These graceful creatures are not only beautiful and strong, they are also intuitive. They know when a rider is confident, happy, or nervous. They also know when you have carrots!

This is one of the first sketches I did with my right-hand (I used to be a leftie). As I drew, I kept switching the pencil back and forth, transferring knowledge from my left-handed brain back to my right-handed brain – believe me, there’s a difference!

The experience of drawing with your non-dominant hand is very much like shaking hands with yourself.

I hope you enjoy the sketch.
I had fun drawing it :D

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