Handmade copy of a photo by Samin Mousavi

Handmade copy of a photo by Samin Mousavi


I’m Samin Mousavi.

I was brought up in one of the nice countries called Iran/Tehran , I’m 27 years old and I studied Masters of comparative literature at a top university in Tehran. As far back as I recall I have always dreamed of being a great and famous artist specially in painting so I stared learning from young age.

I have tried almost all techniques such as watercolor, color pencil, charcoal and etc. Art is a very important thing in my life that I want to further my studies in art and animation because I have this tendency to work on characters and their stories behind, I like to change the bad habits or unpleasant things in these days human’s lifestyle and it’s one the biggest challenges for me. I do think that art gives us a chance to express our feeling and the way we think.

Actually I don’t think about winning in Drawing Academy, for me it’s like a door to the world that helps me to show myself through it and I appreciate people who vote for me and care about art and artists. I would like to share this amazing quotation of Edgar Degas with you: Art is not what you see but what you make others see.
Thank you for reading

Handmade copy of a photo by Samin Mousavi


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  1. Ansis says:

    I like your dravings so much. It looks grateful! My dream is to learn of painting, it’s my hobby. Thank you!

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