French Fine Art

French Fine Art

By Emmanuel

KatePerugini-Dickens French Fine Art

Hello all you guys,

My name is Emmanuel, I am a 37 years old French art enthusiast. I live in Paris and I love drawing and all stuff related to art.

When I saw for the first time a free video on YouTube of the Drawing Academy, I said wahh !! those guys are very good at what they do. Of course I subscribed to their channel, and I come from time to time watching tutorials.

I think that winning this course will help me a lot to bring my drawings to the next level. Anyway, winning or not, I think that I will subscribe to this course because it is one of the best that I have seen online.

I hope that the winner of this contest will win because he deserve it, not only because it is the guy who have more friends.

Thank you all, I hope you will like my drawings.


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